The Power Of The Ressurection

The Power of the Resurrection

W/B: Bob Colquhoun

What is meant by the phrase “the power of the resurrection?” To understand,  first we must take a look at what the word resurrection means. Webster’s defines resurrection as:  1: the act of rising again from the dead. 2: the rising again of Christ after His death and burial 3: the rising again of men on the judgment day. In looking at this, it is evident to see that there must be a form of death, either physical or spiritual, in order for there to be resurrection. For me,  one of the greatest evidences of the resurrection of Christ is the dramatic change that the followers of Christ experienced.

It is evident through the word of God that after the death of Christ His followers were so lost and confused that they retreated to their homes and locked themselves in. They were alone, scared, and in disbelief that the one they thought would save them all, was gone. Their spirits, their hopes, their dreams, and their Savior crushed, gone, and dead. The power is in what happens next, and for this there is only one explanation. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John all speak of the fact that His followers had locked themselves in their homes in fear of the Jews, and of the fact that Jesus their Savior was dead. Then the Word says that He appeared to them, more than once, and they were transformed from fear and sadness to overwhelming joy and power.  Power in their spirits, power in their souls, power in their hearts, and power in their words. For this there could only been one explanation, Jesus had been resurrected from the dead.

Just as He was resurrected from the form of physical death, His followers were resurrected from a spiritual and emotional death. They went from hiding to proclaiming that Jesus is alive, and this is the power of the resurrection that we cling to daily. The power that gives us the courage to stand for Jesus Christ no matter what the world might say, even unto death. The power to know that sin and Satan have no authority over the One who defeated death, and bought us all with the price of His blood.

Jesus Christ was, is, and always will be every bit of the power in and through the resurrection. He is and always has been God. His plan, even though for some, confusing and hard to fathom, is and always has been perfect. Even as I look at the devastation of my past and look at some of the unspeakable things that sin took me into doing, I now realize that I was dead in every way. Through the power of His perfect plan and of His resurrection, He paid the price and bought me for the day of my resurrection.  He took me from living a life dead in sin, to living a life sold out and surrendered to Him and for Him.  Totally in love with Him.

This is the power that is available to all of us. There is no sin to great, no life so low, and no one so lost, that His Love, Grace, and Mercy can’t save you. All you must do is confess, surrender, and submit every bit of who you are to who He is. There is no time to waste, now is the time, come and feel the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Be ye transformed.

Read about His resurrection and the resurrection of His followers in

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts 4:8-20


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