I Am In Him

I Am In Him
By Bob Colquhoun
Insecurity: 1. The quality or state of being insecure. 2. The lack of assurance, self doubt.
It’s everywhere in everything; in business, school, sports, love, and life. It is one of the leading contributors to depression. Think about it, why are most people depressed? I honestly believe it has a lot to do with how they see themselves through the world’s eyes. They feel like they are not smart enough, or pretty enough, or rich enough, and as a result, just not good enough. It’s the overall feeling of being inadequate. Our society spends so much time exploiting wealth, looks, intelligence, and talent that many people feel like they can’t compete. That can lead to self doubt, and a lack of self worth. One of the most amazing things about God, is that He can take the insecure, the lost, and the wicked and transform them into the greatest vessels for sharing His love and truth. Hear the words of the song “I Am In Him”, that the Lord inspired me to write. Do not see yourself through the eyes of the world but through the unconditional love, grace, and mercy of the Lord God Almighty.


I Am In Him


Original music by Bob Colquhoun and Harry Ebsen – www.liveGodnow.org

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