St. Thomas More Catholic Church Mini Retreat 4/29/2017 Finding Light in the Darkness

The following are comments and feed back from 4-29-2017

Finding Light in the Darkness mini retreat. Keynote speaker

Bob Colquhoun.

Hi, Bob,
Here are just a smidge of the great comments we rec’d from the evaluations.  As you can see, your presentation touched many.
Thank you so much for the great work you did at our mini-retreat!  ☺
Why did you come?
“To be inspired and WOW was I ever!
Other comments.
“Bob is an awesome speaker, story teller and disciple of Jesus.”
“He was brave and boldly shared his story.”
“More than filled me with joy and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.”
“Very powerful story of escaping the darkness and being a light for God’s love.”
“How do you find these powerful speakers?”
“I find that these retreats “fire up” my faith. Bob did a wonderful joy of doing that.  His love of Jesus shined.”
“What an amazing inspirational story. I didn’t want it to end.”
“The speaker was wonderful. His message spoke to me.”
“Bob was an inspiration.”
“Bob’s joy and enthusiasm in Jesus and God inspire me.”
“Sometimes it’s uneasy to bear the darkness but bearing it makes God’s light shining through his story even more radiant.”
“God’s energy in Bob.”
“How one can be redeemed.”
“That he went through all he did and recovered.”

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